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Check Your Balance

No we are not talking about your bank account – this article introduces a simple, yet powerful system of medicine from ancient India, and explains how it can be used to improve your health and well-being. Before continuing, it is important to point out that from an ancient Indian perspective, every individual is seen as […]

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Bringing Awareness To Eating

The human body is an incredibly sophisticated organism, capable of performing numerous complex tasks simultaneously. However, certain functions can consume such a huge amount of energy that they cause others to slow down: especially digestion of food, and the experience of strong emotions. For a person experiencing grief or another type of extreme emotional distress, […]

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10 Dieting Tips From Ancient India

Anybody who has attempted to lose weight or lead a healthier lifestyle through dieting will know just how much of a struggle it can be. So often people try one fad diet after another, either failing to stick with it once the inevitable boredom and depression set in, or binge-eating as soon as the diet […]

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Mindful Eating for Health

  Mindful and purposeful eating has many advantages for us mentally and physically. In contrast, the consequences of overeating can have severe effects on our physical and mental body. Generally we overeat because we are not dedicated to the act of eating. We watch television, chat on the phone or even eat whilst driving. Stimulation […]

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