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Trust Yourself

Do you think about the life you live? What is your purpose? Do we even have a purpose? If so how are you meant to find out what yours is? If not then what are we even doing here? What does it all mean? These are not easy questions, so it is no surprise that […]

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Which Style Of Yoga Is Right For Me?

Yoga is a powerful spiritual system, developed over 2500 years ago to bring the mind and body into harmony and eradicate suffering. The poses we associate with modern Yoga were developed much later, as a means of preparing the body for deep meditation without discomfort. Over the years, various styles of Yoga have been developed […]

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Niyama – Mastering Our Inner Space

Yoga is about so much more than the postures we perform in classes; it is multifaceted system designed to bring our body mind into harmony, and ultimately leading us into unity with all beings. Rather than being at the mercy of our thoughts and emotions, by following Yoga practice we can bring them under our […]

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Yama: Bringing Yoga Practice To Daily Life

Practising Yoga is about much more than the postures; the main practice goes on “off the mat” in our daily lives. Our thoughts, interactions with others, and our daily routines can all be integrated into the Yoga practice. Only this way the ultimate goal of this ancient system can be realised: bringing our bodies and […]

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