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Want To Be More Disciplined? Try Being Happy First!

Self-discipline, seems to be a big deal these days. Social media is full of inspirational quotes inspiring us to push ourselves harder. Books which teach motivational techniques are always among the best-sellers. Parents constantly complain that their children are not disciplined enough, and many adults harbour the belief that all their dreams could come true […]

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Fire! How To Burn Brightly Without Burning Out

Fire is vital, without the sun there would be no light and no life. The element of fire is associated with transformation – whatever is consumed by the fire will be transformed into heat and, eventually, ash. The digestive process can be thought of as a fire burning in our stomachs, transforming food into energy. […]

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Earth: Being Grounded is Not A Punishment!

You may aspire to float up into the clouds and fly with the angels, and of course this would be a beautiful experience; but sometimes on the spiritual path, we need to remind ourselves of the value of being grounded. Without some grounding, whatever incredible ideas you have will remain as just ideas rather than […]

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Yogis Are Flexible, But Not In Just The Way You Think

In the West, for many people religion has very negative connotations. This is not surprising given the history of our organised religions: we have Christians gleefully embarking on crusades to murder anybody who does not submit to their message of universal love; Jews declaring themselves to be “God’s chosen people”; Muslims labelling non-believers as infidels […]

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