Yoga and Meditation Retreats

Vagabond Temple offers some of the most affordable prices for yoga and meditation retreats in Cambodia and the South East Asia region. Prices include:

Basic Accommodations:

These shared and private bungalows offer basic accommodation for travelers who want to enjoy our program at the most affordable price.

   Shared Dorm Shared Bungalow

(2 people)

 Private  Bungalow 
Five nights $200 $225 $250
One week (7 nights) $270 $305 $340
Two weeks (14 nights) $525 $590 $660
One month (28 nights) $1035 $1165 $1300
Community Member Program (56 Nights) $1800 $2050 $2250

Standard Accommodations: 

These dorm style and private renovated bungalows feature private bathrooms and additional balcony spaces for enjoying nature.

   Shared Dorm Shared  Bungalow

(2 people)

Private Bungalow Top Hill Bungalow
Five nights $240 $275 $325 $350
One week (7 nights) $320 $370 $440 $475
Two weeks (14 nights) $630 $720 $850 $915
One month (28 nights) $1270 $1435 $1690 $1800
Community Member Program (56 Nights) $2250 N/A $2900 N/A

Sea-View Accommodation:

For guests who wish to enjoy more spacious private accommodation with private bathroom as well as stunning sea or garden balcony views.

  Sea-View Bungalow
Five nights $375
One week (7 nights) $505
Two weeks (14 nights) $975
One month (28 nights) $1925
Community Member Program (56 Nights) N/A

Please note:

  • A second person in a Private, Treetop or Premium bungalow staying for a minimum of one week (sharing a double bed) will receive a 25% discount off the accommodation price.
  • Basic Outdoor Dorms are mixed-gender, comfortable and secure.
  • All prices listed are in US dollars.
  • Advanced booking is required to avoid disappointment.
  • For those seeking an intensive experience, we are offering two special retreats during the holiday.

Detox Retreat

Vagabond Temple offers a unique detox program in the rural area of Kep, Cambodia. Our detox retreats will allow you to reset your body and improve your overall health in a supportive and relaxing environment.

  Basic  Dorm Standard  Dorm Basic Shared Bungalow Basic Private Bungalow Standard Shared Bungalow  Standard Private Bungalow  Standard Top Hill Bungalow  Sea-View Bungalow 
5 nights $405 $445 $430 $455 $480 $530 $555 $580
7 nights $520 $570 $555 $590 $620 $690 $720 $755

Learn more about our detox program.



Vagabond Temple offers a wide range of healing sessions and workshops. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, we can help you explore tools and techniques to deepen your self-knowledge and heighten your sense of well-being and inner peace.

Service Number of Sessions Price
Reiki Level 1 Healer Course 6 days $200
Reiki Level 2 Healer Course 6 days $250
Ayurvedic Detox  4 sessions $135
Energy Healing Sessions 1 session Prices Vary
Personal Life Coaching 3 sessions $80
Private Yoga, Meditation, or Pranayama Sessions 1 session $30
Yoga Therapy 1 session $30
Structural Integration 11 sessions $500
Massage Therapy 1 session Prices Vary

All service prices are in addition to the prices for yoga and meditation retreats. Some services are subject to availability, while others not listed here may be available from guest teachers. We recommend that you contact us in advance to avoid disappointment.

Booking and payment

To book your yoga and meditation retreat, please fill out the contact form including the kind of retreat/course. Please be as specific as possible about your preferred accommodation type and retreat dates. Please note that we close for the rainy season on May 27th and re-open October 16th, 2017.

We require a  non-refundable online deposit in order to secure your booking.

The rest of your bill is to be paid in cash upon arrival. We accept US dollars, Cambodian Riel, Pounds and Euros. Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards or debit cards.

If you decide to shorten your stay for any reason, Vagabond Temple will refund 50% of your original reservation, not including the deposit.

Vagabond Temple will be closed from June 2 to November 5 2018 for the rainy season. 

Come and join us for a unique experience of tranquility, healthy living, and transformation.