Private Sessions and Workshops


Personal Life Coaching Program

We offer holistic personal life coaching programs in addition to the regular yoga and meditation retreat program, to support profound change in understanding, perception and actions at the mental, emotional and physical level to guide you along your path. Our experts create an individual program depending on your needs and circumstances and where you are on your path of growth. This personalized approach includes private sessions that involve life coaching and different exercises to help you overcome your challenges. The program can also include a combination of yoga, meditation, pranayama, nutrition, self-expression and tantra tailored to your needs.

Our personal life coaching program can assist you to develop or strengthen your personal practise and provide private training to help you enter into deeper states of relaxation, concentration and absorption, using mindfulness, breathing and focusing techniques.

The personal life coaching program requires a minimum of three sessions to gain optimal benefits.

Private Yoga

Go deeper into your yoga practice with attention and adjustments from an experienced teacher. A sequence of postures will be selected to address your personal goals such as increasing flexibility, reducing pain, or improving balance. Step-by-step guidance will help you achieve each posture with the correct alignment for maximum benefits. Receive personalized feedback and recommendations that will help you maintain a long-term practice at home.


Tantra is an ancient Indian system of spiritual practise that uses vital and sexual energies in order to activate higher states of consciousness and awareness. In this workshop we will explore the power of our own body and learn how to cultivate and master these energies in order to heal our hearts, souls and relationships, create deeper intimacy, and strengthen and empower ourselves. The workshop blends theory, partner exercises, breathing techniques, active meditation, visualization and creativity.   Come to learn, dance and celebrate with us and bring back the gift of light and love to your life and relationships.

Introduction to Chakras and Self Healing

Discover the seven major energy centers in the body and how they apply to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life. Learn exercises to open and balance each chakra and self-healing techniques for harmonizing and integrating your whole being. This workshop focuses on direct and personal exercises for your energy systems and teaches you how to work with them to live a balanced and healthy life.

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