Reiki Healing Courses

Reiki Healing Courses

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle hands-on technique for stress reduction, relaxation, emotional and energetic re-balancing and healing. It is based on the principle that all matter and life is made up of flowing energy. When our physical body experiences pain, tension or illness, it is because our energy is blocked, unbalanced and diminished within our body. The Reiki practitioner directs healing energy  to areas where it may be needed in the body of the recipient. Reiki helps us to regain our balance and natural harmony within ourselves.

Become a Reiki healer

Becoming a Reiki healer will give you the ability heal others and yourself. In addition to its practical applications, Reiki is an entire spiritual path unto itself and a powerful vehicle for self- development. Every time you give a treatment, energy flows through you to the recipient, creating a cycle of giving and receiving. As a healer, you will become more sensitive to your own energy, the energy of others and the surrounding environment. You will also develop a strong intuition and clarity, creating a closer connection with your own inner strength and spirit.

Reiki Healing Courses

If you wish to become a Master Reiki healer, you need to complete three levels of Reiki Healing Courses. Vagabond Temple offers teachings at all three levels. Level 1 and Level 2 are taught alongside our regular retreat programs to ensure full immersion in a spiritual way of life. Each Reiki Healing Course will include theory, energy attunements and practical techniques.

Reiki Level 1 – Basic Level

This Reiki healing course is taught over six days alongside classes from our daily yoga and meditation schedule. You will gain a solid foundation in the basics of this practice and learn how to heal yourself and others.

Subjects covered in the Reiki Level 1 Course include:

  • Reiki hand positions for self-healing and for healing others
  • Reiki principles and history
  • The energetic anatomy of the body: energy centres (chakras) their functioning and imbalances.
  • Special techniques: Gassho meditation, aura cleaning, chakra balancing, body scanning, laser technique, healing the immune and hormonal systems, group Reiki, breathing exercises for relaxation and for increasing the body’s vibration.
  • Healing skills: practices for increasing sensitivity to energy, techniques for calming the mind, nourishment of receivers and conducting a Reiki session.
  • Receiving attunements to open the energy channels and purify the energy field of the body.
  • Practical work: two self-healing sessions, receiving two Reiki healing sessions from other members of the group and giving at least three Reiki sessions to different recipients.

Reiki Level 1 costs $200 + the regular retreat program pricing.

Reiki Level 1 dates: To Be Confirmed

The course starts on Monday at 15:00 and ends on Saturday at 13:00

Reiki Level 2 – Advanced Level

Reiki Level 2 is taught over six days alongside the regular retreat program for those that wish to deepen their healing abilities and spiritual growth.

Subjects covered in the Reiki Level 2 Course include:

  • The three Reiki symbols: the power symbol, the mental/emotional healing symbol and distant healing symbol.
  • Reiki techniques: intuitive healing, Reiki for physical detox, Reiki for emotional detox, habit-changing technique, unfolding stagnation, sending Reiki through time and space, releasing emotions from the past, energy cleansing and protection for humans and objects.
  • Healing skills: practices for increasing sensitivity to energy, techniques for calming the mind, exercises for opening the third eye and developing intuition.
  • Reiki clinic: in Level II the practice focuses on how to perform long-term Reiki healing processes. During the course we offer, and encourage, the healer to give at least four Reiki sessions to the same recipient, learning how to absorb and deal with different reactions that may arise and how to plan and manifest a long term healing process. The clinic includes a brainstorming session in the group about each case in order to be exposed to a variety of healing processes and learn from each other.
  •  Another energy tuning session to bring the healer to a higher level.

Reiki Level 2 costs $250 + the regular retreat program fee.

Reiki Level 2 dates: To Be Confirmed

The course starts on Monday at 15:00 and ends on Saturday at 13:00

Reiki Level 3 – Master Level

The Reiki Master Course is taught over one month to those who wish to make a lifelong commitment to the Reiki path and guide others in this spiritual practice. The Usui Master Symbol is taught as well as Tibetan symbols and practices for each chakra. You will also learn complementary methods from pranic healing and reflexology, teaching skills, how to initiate others into Reiki and more. The Reiki Master Course is individualized, allowing the healer to focus on areas they need to develop in order to become a true Master.

If you are interested in becoming a Reiki Master, please email us with the following information:

  • A short personal bio
  • Your past/current spiritual practice and Reiki experience
  • Why you are interested in becoming a Reiki Master
  • Which areas you would like to develop yourself as a person and a healer
  • The dates you would like to start the course

To send your application for any Reiki Healing Course or for enquiries, please contact us.

Reiki healers who choose to stay at Vagabond Temple after their training is complete will have opportunities to further their practice on community members and guests.

I took the first two Reiki courses with Pazit and it has awakened a side of my spirituality I didn’t know existed. Having the chance to live, work and practice with them has given me a sense of fulfillment and of family. I now know that healing the body and the mind together is my life path.
- Emmalee F, USA
<cite> - Emmalee F, USA </cite>