Vagabond Temple Online

Many of our students tell us that they find it hard to continue their spiritual practices and keep being connected after leaving the center . So to make it possible for people to keep practicing and developing, we made have our teachings available online. The Vagabond Temple Online gives you with an ever-increasing library of Yoga, meditation, and dharma talks so that you can continue your inner journey anytime anywhere The Vagabond Temple Online also provides a safe and supportive community in which you can interact with Kobi, Pazit, and other people on the path.

What You Get

Joining the Vagabond Temple Online will give you access to the private members area of our website. Here you will be able to browse our videos which include Kobi’s wonderful Yoga classes, Pazit’s energizing and cleansing Kundalini practices, a whole array of guided meditations and breathing exercises, vegan recipes, and more. There are also our dharma talks which draw on both ancient and modern traditions with a focus on how this knowledge can be applied to your life, right now. New videos are added every week, so the library will keep on growing. You can browse the members area here to see what is available:

Our member’s area lets you browse our library of Yoga, meditation, talks and more. Click to view.

Members also get access to our private Facebook group where you can speak with Kobi and Pazit, as well as share your experiences with the rest of the group.


Our practices are designed to make you feel calm, connected, and in control. They are designed to empower you to make the correct decisions and deal with whatever life throws up. The Vagabond Temple philosophy is that we all have an undiscovered power which we can use to break through any of the habits and patterns that may hold us back. Our Yoga, meditation and talks are designed to harness this power.

Sign Up Now

We are currently a year’s access to the Vagabond Temple Online for just $99. So for one year you will be able to browse our ever-growing library of videos and practice whenever suits you.