Yoga and Meditation – Our Teaching

Our Teaching

At Vagabond Temple, we believe each and every one of us possesses an undiscovered power within to break free from the tendencies, habits, and thought patterns that limit us in life. With the right tools for transformation, we can all empower ourselves to face life’s challenges and free ourselves to live mindfully in accordance with our deepest, true self. From this state of strength and clarity, we can truly experience the beauty and love in life that otherwise escapes us.

Principles of Our Teaching

  • Our true nature is love
  • Every moment is a spiritual moment
  • Our potential is infinite
  • Awareness is the key for transformation
  • Life is a celebration
  • Compassion is what connects us

What We Teach

  • Asana (yoga postures) – increasing awareness of both the physical and energy bodies through Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Yin Yoga.
  • Meditation – both mindfulness and active meditation from the Yogic and Buddhist traditions.
  • Spiritual philosophy – integrating the wisdom of Yoga, Buddhism and Tantra among others.
  • Self-awareness – self inquiry into thoughts, speech, and actions.
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises) – gain awareness of the breath, expand breathing abilities and lift the body’s energy to experience higher realms of consciousness.
  • Energetic anatomy of the body – exploration of the five koshas (energy layers of the body) and energy centres (chakras), along with their functions and imbalances. This includes techniques from Reiki, Tai Chi, Chi Kong and Tantra Yoga.
  • Nutrition – nutritional guidelines from Ayurveda (an ancient Indian system of natural healing) and the natural hygiene nutrition method.
  • Self-practice – develop your own spiritual practice by building motivation and discipline into daily actions and overcoming obstacles to create a clear approach to the spiritual path.

While learning these teachings, you will receive full support and guidance from our professional and experienced teachers, as well as the resident spiritual community (Learn more about becoming community member).

Our Yoga & Meditation Teaching

Yoga and meditation are spiritual practices that have existed for thousands of years, designed to free us from obstacles and liberate us from fear by bringing us into balance and harmony. Both practices give us the ability to enjoy life, fulfill our potential and find our true identity.

Both yoga and meditation enable us to embark on a holistic spiritual journey by bringing our mind and body back to union and back to our true nature of being part of the whole. It gives us the tools for improving our relationships with our Self, with others, and with life by stripping away the illusions that shield us from connection.


Meditation is a tool of observation and reflection that helps us shift our focus to one specific, individual point to create clarity. Meditation makes the power of the mind spiritually work for us by helping create a union with the body. At Vagabond Temple, our practice includes sitting and walking Buddhist meditations, as well as guided and active meditations.


Yoga allows us to experience truth by moving our bodies through different asanas (postures) while we watch our breath and bodily sensations in a peaceful but precise manner. While we do this, we meditate on the inner self allowing truth to reveal itself to the mind and inner being. At Vagabond Temple, our morning classes are typically a combination of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa flow, while afternoon we practice either Kundalini or Yin Yoga.

Hatha Yoga

Derived from Sanskrit, Hatha Yoga roughly translates as “sun-moon”. When we practice Hatha Yoga, we seek to embody the qualities of both the sun and the moon by being active and passive at the same time, seeking relaxation and stillness even in challenging asanas. Our Hatha practice is based on the teachings of Iyengar and focuses on alignment, breath and accuracy while holding static poses.

Vinyasa flow

“Vinyasa” means “movement connected with breath”. In our Vinyasa flow, we work to connect our movement with our breath as we flow between poses, to create a holistic sequence that builds strength and flexibility while bringing quiet to the mind.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is an ancient form of Yoga developed to awaken our most sacred and powerful Kundalini energy. Using a vigorous combination of movement, breathing, mantras and visualization, this practice is a powerful tool for cultivating balance and harmony.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow paced style of asana practice which focuses on holding poses in their most relaxed form for long periods of time. This creates a cooling effect and promotes the receptive Yin aspect of the body. Yin Yoga also helps to enhance flexibility, reduce stress and creates an unobstructed flow of Chi throughout the body.

Thank you for teaching me how to listen to my heart, how to follow my dreams, and how to wake up my soul. Life has become a dance for me and for everyone whose hearts you have touched.
- Amanda T, Australia
<cite> - Amanda T, Australia </cite>
A home away from home is truly how I can describe Pazit and Kobi. Collectively they have shown me love, energy and support and have given me the strength to believe in myself and keep fighting. Kobi and Pazit have pulled me from the darkness into the light, helping me with my troubles and fears.
- Lotte A, UK
<cite> - Lotte A, UK </cite>