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A Temple Within

The spiritual path can often feel like a never-ending Pandora’s Box; shedding layers only to find new ones to make peace with and let go of, only to realise that layer was concealing another one, which was hiding another, and so the chaos continues.  By no means is this made any easier by the myriad […]

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Mindful or Full Mind?

‘Mindfulness’ is an ancient practice extremely current at this present moment in time.  With mental health conditions on the up and a declining success rate of anti-depressants, we have an increasing urgency to remedy this epidemic. In Buddhism, the intrinsic cycle of human suffering is referred to as Samsara and not one of us is […]

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A Meditation on Meditation

‘Meditation’ is a word that conjures an array of images; the yogi frozen in lotus position for innumerable hours; the Zen master capable of emptying the mind completely of thought; the meditator who dare not crack a smile during a ten-day silent retreat. While there are lessons to be learned from these notions, this isn’t […]

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Break Bad Habits Using The Power Of Noting

Ever had difficulties in a relationship? Ever had the same difficulties come up in another relationship? If you are a human being, the answer is probably “yes”, and it will probably remain “yes” if you substitute relationship with “job” or anything else. The same problems seem to repeat in our lives over and over again. […]

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Meditation and Addiction Recovery: A Perfect Match

How can you use meditation to overcome addiction? As humans, the folly of addiction touches us all. We live in a world designed to facilitate addiction, from the trivial to the grave: Prescription pills for every malady, a Facebook Feed constantly generating new stories to entertain you, cigarettes and alcohol for sale at every street […]

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