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Meditation Is Not Enough: How To Make Every Moment Count

When embarking on the spiritual path, sometimes we make the mistake of separating our “ordinary” and “spiritual” lives. This is an easy mistake to make: sitting in the lotus position and chanting “OM” certainly seems a lot more spiritual than being packed into a crowded train on the way to work! However, unless we are […]

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Dropping The Drama – Finding Freedom Through Non-Attachment

When we practice meditation, generally we bring our attention to a single object (the breath, a mantra, part of the body etc.). Having only thing to focus on only one thing may sound easy, but actually it can be extremely challenging. The mind likes to pull us in many different directions, as anybody who has […]

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Break Bad Habits Using The Power Of Noting

Ever had difficulties in a relationship? Ever had the same difficulties come up in another relationship? If you are a human being, the answer is probably “yes”, and it will probably remain “yes” if you substitute relationship with “job” or anything else. The same problems seem to repeat in our lives over and over again. […]

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Taking A Step Back: How Meditation Can Stop Us Over-Reacting

Tell somebody you are practising meditation and you may get a response along the lines of, “oh that’s too hard for me, I could never stop myself thinking!”. This is due to a common misconception that meditation is the process of trying not to think. It really is not the case. Firstly, stopping thoughts is […]

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Mind Attack! 4 Tips For Staying Focused In Meditation

Anybody who has attempted meditation will know how difficult it can be. What seems like a simple practice, keeping the mind focused on single object, can seem almost impossible as an endless stream of thoughts and emotions pull for our attention. With practice, the mind WILL learn to prefer the peaceful stillness to the endless […]

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Getting Kicked Out Of The Moment: The Five Hindrances

Meditation is a beautiful spiritual practice that can bring us many benefits, although it can be very challenging. When new to meditation, rather than experiencing peace or bliss, we may find ourselves faced with the unsettling realisation that we have very little control of our minds. Try to focus on your breath for an object […]

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Avoiding The Pleasure Trap: Three Ways to Find Genuine Contentment

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be happy, you deserve to be happy! But have you ever wondered why lasting contentment seems so elusive? A new job, a new relationship, a new pair of shoes? Or for the more “spiritually” minded maybe watching a beautiful sunset, a walk in the mountains, or spending time […]

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Can We Ever Be Truly Satisfied?

In modern society, many of us simply do not have the time to take a moment to turn inwards and check up on how we really feel. Pressures of work, family life, and other aspects of society can turn life into a “to do” list, where we are constantly focusing on the next task rather […]

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