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Meditation Is Not Enough: How To Make Every Moment Count

When embarking on the spiritual path, sometimes we make the mistake of separating our “ordinary” and “spiritual” lives. This is an easy mistake to make: sitting in the lotus position and chanting “OM” certainly seems a lot more spiritual than being packed into a crowded train on the way to work! However, unless we are […]

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Dropping The Drama – Finding Freedom Through Non-Attachment

When we practice meditation, generally we bring our attention to a single object (the breath, a mantra, part of the body etc.). Having only thing to focus on only one thing may sound easy, but actually it can be extremely challenging. The mind likes to pull us in many different directions, as anybody who has […]

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A Temple Within

The spiritual path can often feel like a never-ending Pandora’s Box; shedding layers only to find new ones to make peace with and let go of, only to realise that layer was concealing another one, which was hiding another, and so the chaos continues.  By no means is this made any easier by the myriad […]

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A Meditation on Meditation

‘Meditation’ is a word that conjures an array of images; the yogi frozen in lotus position for innumerable hours; the Zen master capable of emptying the mind completely of thought; the meditator who dare not crack a smile during a ten-day silent retreat. While there are lessons to be learned from these notions, this isn’t […]

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Meditation and Addiction Recovery: A Perfect Match

How can you use meditation to overcome addiction? As humans, the folly of addiction touches us all. We live in a world designed to facilitate addiction, from the trivial to the grave: Prescription pills for every malady, a Facebook Feed constantly generating new stories to entertain you, cigarettes and alcohol for sale at every street […]

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Taking A Step Back: How Meditation Can Stop Us Over-Reacting

Tell somebody you are practising meditation and you may get a response along the lines of, “oh that’s too hard for me, I could never stop myself thinking!”. This is due to a common misconception that meditation is the process of trying not to think. It really is not the case. Firstly, stopping thoughts is […]

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Avoiding The Pleasure Trap: Three Ways to Find Genuine Contentment

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be happy, you deserve to be happy! But have you ever wondered why lasting contentment seems so elusive? A new job, a new relationship, a new pair of shoes? Or for the more “spiritually” minded maybe watching a beautiful sunset, a walk in the mountains, or spending time […]

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