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Why This Little Pig Is The Source of All The Pain And Suffering In The World

The image above is detail from the centre of the Wheel of Life, the iconic Tibetan Buddhist image which depicts the cyclical nature of the lives of all living beings. The image provides a visual representation of the entire Buddhist world-view, with concepts such as Karma, Rebirth, Suffering and Enlightenment depicted with various visual metaphors. […]

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Doing Time Doing Vipassana

This week at the Vagabond Temple, we screened an inspirational documentary about the introduction of a Vipassana Meditation program in one of India’s most notorious prisons. It was incredible to see the transformational effect that the meditation had on both the prisoners and guards. For many prisoners, the meditation practice totally changed their experience, from […]

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Bringing Awareness To Eating

The human body is an incredibly sophisticated organism, capable of performing numerous complex tasks simultaneously. However, certain functions can consume such a huge amount of energy that they cause others to slow down: especially digestion of food, and the experience of strong emotions. For a person experiencing grief or another type of extreme emotional distress, […]

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