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Black-Eyed Beans With Coconut Cream

When black-eyed beans dream, they hope to be mixed up with coconut cream. Cooked up with anti-inflammatory garlic, anti-ageing carrots, and carotenoid-rich bell peppers and tomatoes, this hearty dish is everything a health nut could desire from their comfort food. Ingredients For 4-5 People 4 cups black eyed bean 2 onions 4 garlic cloves 2 […]

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Ground Potato Soup

Potatoes spend their whole lives underground deciding how they will grow to be delicious. This dish represents their master plan, mixing a seamless blend of herbs and spices with tomatoes and onions along for the delicious ride. Floating in the background garlic comes in to seal the delectable deal. For 4-5 People 6 potatoes 4 […]

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Delicious Vegetable Soup Recipe

We call it vegetable soup, but we might as well call it the vegan all star dish. The cast of vegetables includes carrots for healthy skin, zucchini for your long-term health, phytonutrient rich egg plant, immune system boosting garlic, nutrient and mineral rich tomatoes, and carefully curated herbs so season it with its uniquely sizzling flavor. […]

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Pumpkin Soup

Some sages believe that the key to world peace lies somewhere within an irresistible pumpkin soup. Whether or not that is true, we will not hold back from this pumpkin soup recipe, which certainly is a key to culinary satisfaction. Pumpkins are a package deal. They have been shown to help people sleep better, have […]

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