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Digestion Dharma Talk (8 minutes)

How do you feel after eating? Energized or exhausted? How is your relationship with food? Do you enjoy what you eat, or do you eat what you think you should be eating? Are you calm and focused while eating or are you over-stimulated by work or television? In this Dharma talk, Kobi introduces some Ayurvedic […]

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Family Dharma Talk (10 minutes)

You have heard of a “family tree”. This is actually a great way to explain the family, the roots are our ancestors spreading back through time. 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents and so on… stretching right back to the first humans (at this point it is apparent that we are all related!). The tree […]

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Conditioning Dharma Talk (15 mins)

Conditioning has such a profound effect on our perception that it literally changes our reality. What we take to be fixed ideas about ourselves, our abilities and limitations are often really the results of conditioning. Part of the spiritual journey is to shake off the incorrect and limiting beliefs we have picked up during the […]

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