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Core & Twists (53 Minutes)

Core strength is essential to many postures. If we do not have a strong core we end up putting too much pressure on our legs or arms and find it hard to maintain the correct alignment. Twists and core work go hand in hand, they can also be very energising and have a detoxing effect. […]

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Yin Yoga (56 minutes)

Yin Yoga is the perfect way to balance the Yang world that we live in. Often we are running around, planning and worrying, very much in “doing mode”. Yin Yoga introduces the power of just being, we stay in the poses for a long time and let the body gently stretch. The benefits are both […]

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Yoga For Stress (13 minutes)

Practising Yoga is one of the best ways to stay calm and strong in the stressful modern world. This short sequence is specially designed to calm the body and mind. You can practice it any time you are feeling stressed. Take note of how you feel before and after the practice, you may be surprised […]

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