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Steady Eyes, Steady Mind

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand, in fact Yoga can be viewed as a type of meditation. When practicing the postures, we aim to stay in the present moment, with awareness of the body and mind. This can be challenging as our minds have a tendency to distract us with concerns or daydreams. As […]

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Being Nice To Yourself Is The Foundation Of Yoga

If you have ever engaged in a sustained spiritual practice like Yoga, meditation, or anything that brings you face-to- face with the contents of your mind, you may be shocked at what you have found. The untrained human mind is a very messy thing: a jumble of hopes and dreams, insecurities, often conflicting opinions and […]

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Yogis Are Flexible, But Not In Just The Way You Think

In the West, for many people religion has very negative connotations. This is not surprising given the history of our organised religions: we have Christians gleefully embarking on crusades to murder anybody who does not submit to their message of universal love; Jews declaring themselves to be “God’s chosen people”; Muslims labelling non-believers as infidels […]

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Power Sequence

Here is a well rounded 30 minute core-strengthening practice to keep the flow of health and joy going.   You can hold each position for 5 breaths unless it is specified otherwise. If you have more/less than 30 minutes you can hold for shorter/longer. Throughout the sequence, please be aware of your breath and body […]

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