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Yama: Bringing Yoga Practice To Daily Life

Practising Yoga is about much more than the postures; the main practice goes on “off the mat” in our daily lives. Our thoughts, interactions with others, and our daily routines can all be integrated into the Yoga practice. Only this way the ultimate goal of this ancient system can be realised: bringing our bodies and […]

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Yoga Asana: Cobra Pose

Cobra pose, also known as Bhujangasana, is a wonderful pose for chest-opening and spine flexibility. First, it allows for deeper breathing through the expansion of the chest, and can alleviate problems with rheumatism, arthritis, and other pain in the back. Cobra also massages the organs below the belly, helping with problems of the stomach, liver […]

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Yoga As A Way of Life

When we truly face the reality of our life, we realize that our life is not optimal – it is not even close to the best life we could have. Our potential is not being fulfilled. With more self-awareness in life, we come to acknowledge that most of our experiences are full of discomfort. We […]

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The True Yoga Asana

Yoga can create freedom of the body and mind. It is a spiritual path that helps us to find refuge, discover our true self and experience what life really means. The most well known aspect of yoga is asana which means posture, specifically a comfortable and steady posture. Unfortunately, most of the modern yoga today […]

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