Detox Cleanse Program

Rejuvenate body, mind and spirit with a yoga and detox retreat

Why do a detox retreat?

Detox is the process of enhancing the body’s natural detoxification process through fasting and relaxation.

Our bodies are always working hard to eliminate toxins. In particular, the digestive system is under a lot of strain to process caffeine, alcohol, preservatives and other toxins that regularly feature in the modern Western diet. Stress, anxiety and negative thought patterns are also major toxins that impact on our physical and emotional health.

When we detox, we are not starving ourselves – we are allowing the body to rest. When we fast, the energy that normally goes into digestion can be redirected to other areas. Fasting accelerates the elimination of toxins from our bodies and can help strengthen the digestive system, relieve aches and pains and improve the overall health of the internal organs. A holistic yoga and detox retreat gives our whole body a chance to rest and rejuvenate.

Why choose our yoga and detox program?

It can be very difficult to detox alone. The process can bring up negative emotions as well as physical symptoms, and it is easy to give in to our cravings without a supportive environment. At Vagabond Temple, you will detox in a spiritual community of like-minded people, with a dedicated mentor to guide you. Our daily yoga and meditation retreat program is relaxing and energising, allowing for a seamless detoxification process without any stress or disruption. Our location – green, quiet and free of air pollution – is also ideal.

Our yoga and detox retreat is not just a dietary adjustment. It is a learning experience, integrating different schools of nutrition and the yogic understanding of the physical body. You will learn nutrition and fasting techniques to optimise your health in the future. You will achieve a deeper understanding of your body and your relationship with food. We also teach you how to detox at home using methods best suited to your needs to live a healthier life

It is integral to us that our detoxification process promotes health throughout the entire body, therefore, as part of our detox programme you will receive a number of one on one healing sessions with our highly trained therapist. These sessions will be customised to your unique needs using a variety of massages and healing techniques. 

Detox schedule

We offer a 5-Day Detox Program twice each season. The fasting period can be modified to include coconut, fruit or other raw foods for participants with special requirements. Your mentor will monitor your progress and ensure that you understand what is going on in your mind and body at each step of the detox process.

Preparation (First day)
  • Set meals of steamed vegetables, fruit and salad
  • Workshop on what to expect from the program, introduction to Natural Hygiene and Ayurvedic principles.
Fasting period (3  days)
  • Coconut water, herbal tea, sugar cane juice
  • Daily morning check-in and sharing
  • Daily workshop on nutrition, philosophy of detox, emotional relationships with food, Ayurveda and Natural Hygiene
  • Daily healing session (reiki or massage)
Evaluation (Final day)
  • Set meals of steamed vegetables, fruit and salad
  • Final debrief and checkup 


Your detox retreat will include:

  • Unlimited fresh coconut water, herbal tea and sugar cane juice
  • 1 half hour private consultation with Kobi (our co-founder) before starting detox
  • 1 yoga class specifically designed for the detox (private for the detox group)
  • 4 healing sessions by our highly trained therapist (either Reiki, cranial sacral therapy, lymphatic massage or ayurvadic massage)
  • 5 workshops on health, nutrition and cleansing teachings
  • An emotionally supportive environment and a safe space to discuss any challenges or problems

Price: $320. This package price will be in addition to the cost of your retreat stay.

Detox Dates

January 6 – 10, 2020 

Five daysSeven days
November 27 – December 2November 27 – December 4
January 22 – 27January 22 – 29
March 19 – 24March 19 – 26

For information about booking and fees, please see pricing.

You can also read our beginners guide to detox blog here.

Come and join us for a unique experience of tranquility, healthy living, and transformation.

Doing the detox program at Vagabond Temple was the best decision I made in a long time! I have been trying to do a 7-day fast by myself at home for quite a long time but never really succeeded, but when I found this detox program online I wanted to give it another try with professional support and did not regret it. In fact, it has been a life changing experience for me and the initially planned seven days of detox turned out to be so good for my body and soul that I ended up prolonging to a total of 10 days of fasting.

- Anke B, Germany
Anke B, Germany