Private Sessions and Healing

If you are interested in taking your Vagabond Temple experience to another level, we highly recommend adding some healing treatments into your schedule. Below you will find descriptions of each treatment we offer. If you are unsure of which treatments would best address your needs, contact us and we would be glad to make some suggestions.

Treatments can be scheduled upon arrival, however, due to high demand, we recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment. Also, if you book before you arrive, you will receive a discount!

Private Sessions And Healing

Personal Life Coaching Program

We offer holistic personal life coaching programs to support profound change in understanding, perception and actions at the mental, emotional and physical level to guide you along your path.

Our guides create an individual program depending on your needs and circumstances and where you are on your path of growth. This personalised approach includes private sessions that involve life coaching and different exercises to help you overcome your challenges. The program can also include a combination of yoga, meditation, pranayama, energy healing and nutrition, all tailored to your needs.

The personal life coaching program requires a minimum of three sessions to gain optimal benefits. Available on for people who stay for at least two weeks. People who stay for a shorter time can come to one private consultation session on a specific issue.

1-Hour Session $40 or Three 1-Hour Sessions $110

Online Spiritual Guidance

Kobi, founder of Vagabond Temple, is also available for online coaching for those who want to create a transformation in their everyday life. By using his experience as a social worker and spiritual teacher, Kobi integrates knowledge of yoga, mindfulness, Buddhist psychology, quantum psychology, astrology and more. Kobi’s mission is to assist people to get closer to their life purpose and fulfill themselves. 

1 – Hour Session $50 ~ For more information please contact Kobi directly through:     


Reiki Healing

Reiki is a gentle hands-on technique for stress reduction, relaxation, emotional and energetic re-balancing and healing. The Reiki practitioner directs energy from the external environment to areas it may be needed in the body of the recipient. It is based on the principle that all matter and life is made up of energy – when our physical body experiences pain, tension, injury and illness, our energy is blocked, unbalanced and limited within our body. A Reiki session can help to balance the major systems of the body, remove blockages from the key energy centres, cleanse the aura and bring our whole being into balance and harmony.

1 Hour Session $40

Vagabond Temple also offers Reiki healing courses.

Read more about Reiki and energy healing.

Evolutionary Astrology Reading

Evolutionary astrology is unique thanks to the understanding that each and every one of us has the power to change his/her reality, to choose their own destiny. In other words, the chart depends on the person and vice-versa. The chart without the human beings/ consciousness is meaningless.

In this session we will work to understand the connection to the astrological chart and reveal deep patterns of thoughts and emotions. We will be able to understand our life challenges as well as our unique gifts. This will  provide a greater level of self-awareness. 

With this understanding and new perspective we plot the path towards our personal evolution. The session will be a beginning of a process an invitation to live a fuller and more conscious life.

Initial 1 hour: $50
Follow up: $40

Family Constellation

Every one of us has a deep connection to their family, and we each take a certain role in the family dynamic, which influences who we become. 

Family constellation is a new method that reveals unrecognised emotions, behaviour, traumas and more that were passed down to us through our parents or even through multiple generations.

Recreating the structure (constellation) of the family helps the person to accept the reality of the family situation and to let go of any inherited limiting patterns.

1 hour and 15 minutes – $60

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle yet powerful hands-on healing method for relieving bodily tension and calming the mind. It facilitates the functioning of central nervous system, making it suitable for a wide range of medical problems relating to pain and emotional dysfunction. It also helps to reverse mental conditioning, removing any negative habits so you can evolve mentally, physically and spiritually. To get the most of this treatment, at least three sessions are recommended.

One session (1 hour) – $40
3 sessions- $110

Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing

Crystals have the unique ability to absorb and emit energy vibrations. Formed in the earth over millions of years, each crystal has its own electromagnetic charge. When these charges, or ‘healing vibrations’ interact with the body’s energy centres, they help to remove imbalances and restore a healthy energy flow throughout the body and mind. During this session, the healer will first assess the condition of your aura before selecting a variety of crystals designed to treat any energy imbalances and to restore the energy body’s equilibrium. The selected crystals are placed on or around the body to induce deep relaxation, release stress and pain, and re-balance the physical and subtle bodies.

1 Hour Session $40

Sound Healing

Sound Healing uses the energy produced by musical sound to promote wellness of the physical and energy bodies, and to expand consciousness. This session will take you on an inner journey of sound and sensations created by acoustic instruments, including Tibetan bowls, gongs, drums and tuning forks. The sounds help to unblock stagnant energy, improving energy flow throughout the body, and promoting overall health. The sound vibrations resonate with the body’s cells and help to rejuvenate, cleanse and promote the body’s natural healing process. The sounds themselves have a powerful healing effect on the mind; they lower the brain’s activity, creating a calming atmosphere and elevating the mind to a higher state of consciousness. Sound healing sessions can help with acute pain, as well as mental, emotional and physical issues. Recipients will benefit from heightened clarity and inner guidance.

1 Hour Session $40

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy uses an integration of restorative (passive) and classical (active) yogic postures to support myofascial release achieved through manual adjustment of the body. The healer will place you in supported poses and work to release local tension and pain by massaging the connective tissue surrounding weak or restricted areas in the body. Sessions can be tailored to include more active or passive poses and more or less hands on treatment, as the postures themselves are healing and restorative. The benefits are powerful, including a better understanding of your body, improved yoga practice, and release from deep and restrictive patterns of the body-mind relationship.

1 Hour Session $40


Reflexology is an ancient healing method that uses the pressure points in our feet to heal and integrate our body, emotions and mind. The pressure points in our feet are connected with the different organs in our body and our energy and emotions as well. Reflexology is beneficial for strengthening the nervous and immune systems, regulating problems with digestion, menstrual pains, headaches and more.

1 Hour Session $40

Holistic Massage Therapy

Drawing on a variety of massage therapy systems, including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Traeger and Rolfing, this treatment will develop a stronger and more harmonious connection between the different parts of the body. It is particularly beneficial for those who experience chronic back or neck pain, stiff neck, or who feel ungrounded, spaced out, or disconnected from their bodies. The massage treatment will induce relaxation and stimulate the lymphatic system, resulting in increased blood circulation and energy. It is ideal for treating hormonal issues as it works on the glands and helps shift the bodily rhythm back to the involuntary parasympathetic system. This provides relief from the sympathetic voluntary system where we are typically overactive and which can result in chronic anxiety and stress.

1 Hour Session $40

Structural Integration

Due to genetics, physical trauma, or even personal and occupational habits, our bodies can become misaligned and lose certain functionalities. This progressive treatment, also known as “Rolfing” brings the body back into alignment through a series of therapies that apply deep pressure to release tension from the net of connective tissue that links muscle to bone and muscle to muscle. By the end of the 11 sessions, your body will be restored to its natural state and relieved from chronic tension or pain. You will develop a better understanding of your body and how to carry yourself, which will help sustain the long-term effects of the treatment. Recipients of the treatment will also benefit from a natural boost in metabolism and may experience relief from stored emotional tension. You must have a stay of at least one month at the Vagabond Temple in order to complete the minimum number of sessions.

Minimum 11 Sessions, 1.5 hours each, $600

Kinesio Taping

A method of rehabilitative taping techniques (used by Olympic athletes) designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process. A special 100% cotton tape is applied to specific areas of the body to open blockages, resulting in increased blood circulation and energy flow. Comfortable and minimally invasive, the tape is typically worn for a few days to a few weeks until it is ready to come off. Kinesio Taping can focus on specific body parts to address local pain and improve range of motion as it provides stability to the muscles and joints without restricting movement. There is a special taping treatment that effectively alleviates pain and discomfort experienced during the moon cycle.

20-30 Minute Session $12 

Private Yoga

Go deeper into your yoga practice with attention and adjustments from an experienced teacher. A sequence of postures will be selected to address your personal goals such as increasing flexibility, gaining strength, reducing pain, or improving balance.

Step-by-step guidance will help you achieve each posture with the correct alignment for maximum benefits. Receive personalized feedback and recommendations that will help you maintain a long-term practice at home.

1 hour session $40

Ayurvedic Detoxification Package

The benefits of Ayurvedic therapies are based on ancient Indian traditions that not only relieve physical tension and pain, but also engage the chakras in order to relieve emotional and mental stress. A personalized Ayurvedic Package will fully detoxify and cleanse the body.

The package can be taken across 4 or 8 Days, and includes an ayurvedic treatment per day.


4 days $160

8 days $320


Ayurvedic Reflexology

Ayurvedic Reflexology is a way of treating Marma points along the feet and legs in order to stimulate blood circulation and energy to the whole body. By working with pressure points on the feet, which are connected to different organs in the body, we can detoxify and cleanse the body, energy and emotions. This massage is beneficial for strengthening the nervous and immune systems, digestion issues, menstrual pains, headaches and more.

1 Hour Session $40

Full Ayurvedic Body Massage

Based on Indian tradition, this massage uses generous amounts of oil on various points of the body in order to cleanse and detoxify. It induces deep relaxation as well as improves general well- being and helps normalize sleep patterns.

1 Hour Session $40

Chapati Massage

This massage works on the heart and third eye chakras. By kneading uncooked Chapati dough on the chest and applying oil, nutrients from the dough and oil penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the heart. This massage may also be used on the sacrum and behind the knees to support the root chakra.

1 Hour Session $40

Marma Point Acupressure

Marma Point is the Indian system of acupuncture, similar to Chinese Acupuncture (no needling  involved). It involves pressing specific pressure points on the body to promote blood irrigation and joint movement, which cleanses the body.

1 Hour Session $40

Ahara Treatment

This massage focuses primarily on points of the scalp and head to engage the crown and third eye chakras. Using warm oil, this massage increases oxygen to the scalp which stimulates hair growth. It also promotes and improves lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the neck, helping remove waste products from the body.

1 Hour Session $40

Mantra Massage

Submerse yourself in a healing experience of massage combined with the magic of mantra. Mindfully connect with your true self by reciting or listening to a mantra chosen for you, while receiving the healing experience of massage at the same time. Powerful yet comforting.

1 Hour Session $40

Restorative Massage

Treat yourself to some self care and the ultimate relaxation. This healing Swedish massage will give your aching body or wandering mind the chance to relax. A restorative treatment working on harmonising your body, mind, and soul.

1 Hour Session $40

Revitalizing Massage

Enjoy a decadent deep tissue massage to help relieve muscle soreness and tension. This can be either an invigorating or calming treatment depending on your request and will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

1 hour session $40

Ayurveda Treatment Session

Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine is a 5,000-year-old natural healing system that originated from India. It is one of the oldest forms of medicine and aims to help people live long, healthy lives. The system is focused on creating a balance in your mind, body and spirit for overall health and wellness.

Modern studies on the system have linked the practice of Ayurvedic medicine with improved symptoms of asthma, pre-menstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea, anxiety and high blood pressure.

The benefits of Ayurvedic therapies are based on ancient Indian traditions that not only relieve physical tension and pain, but also engage the chakras to relieve emotional and mental stress. A personalized Ayurvedic Treatment Package will fully detoxify and cleanse the body.

Reestablish Balance with the Help of a Supportive Spiritual Community

The package can be taken across 4 or 8 Days, and includes an Ayurvedic treatment per day. 

You will receive a full consultation from Maayan, our Ayurvedic Specialist, who will decide which treatments are best suited to you for optimal results.

There are a variety of treatments: full body Ayurvedic massage, marma point massage, and reflexology.  Some treatments can be specific for target areas: head, sinuses, ears, throat etc.  Some treatments may require the application of certain powders or oils.   The treatments will be selected based on your constitution (your Dosha) as well as any mental or physical issues you are experiencing.  Your program may include a dynamic variation of treatments per day, or a single treatment repeated multiple times depending on your needs.

Bask in Ayurvedic Experiences Designed for Your Individual Needs

Because everyone has a different dosha, history, DNA, and personal goals, everyone should be given a different treatment method. Our Ayurvedic treatments begin with a comprehensive consultation with Maayan for us to determine the best methods to help you heal, cleanse, relax and revitalize. 

The Ayurvedic treatments at Vagabond Temple are strongly rooted in the ancient traditions while being open to participants’ comforts and preferences.

4 day- USD 160

8 day- USD 320


Abdominal Chi Nei Tsang Massage

In the Chinese tradition, the internal organs are thought of as sacred temples. They store energy and govern the physical, mental and spiritual functions of the body. In modern life, we store a lot of tension in the internal organs. Therefore the winds, as the Taoists call them, are blocked. This causes various disorders in the body and the mind. The Chi Nei Tsang treatment focuses on unwinding tensions in the organs, including the liver, stomach, spleen, intestines and lungs. It can also help with menstrual problems, digestive problems, pain in the lower back or spine and is good for the reproductive system.

1 hour session – $40 

 It is recommended to book at least 3 sessions to receive full benefits.