Join Our Team – Karma Yoga Program

Karma Yoga Opportunities

What is Karma Yoga?

Karma yoga is a path of liberation that was described in ancient yogic tradition and is still alive today. It is a way of connecting spirituality and daily life. Any activity that we do can become a spiritual practice if our motivation comes from a pure desire to do the action rather than the outcome of the action. Instead of thinking about it as a chore, we see the task as a spiritual practice that helps us to be centered, selfless and in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

Karma Yoga Program Details

This is a transformative opportunity that is for those who are committed to their spiritual journey and are searching for a way to go deeper through selfless service. We are looking for karma yogis to join our team for a 2-month to 4-month commitment (depending on the position). These positions require working 5 hours per day for 5 days a week while still attending the retreat program. Karma yogis are expected to come with a mindset of service, a dedication to the values of Vagabond Temple, and the ability to truly immerse oneself into the experience.

Starting in 2011 we have now grown into a large ongoing retreat center, holding space for up to 60 guests. We pride ourselves in offering our guests the opportunity to experience community living, to learn, grow and develop themselves on all levels.

Who should apply?

We are interested to hear from committed, hardworking, open hearted souls who wish to work in a community setting. We are looking for well-rounded individuals who have experience with guest relations and are capable of managing the daily demands of our retreat and support for our guests.

In return, you will have access to Yoga and Meditation classes by professional teachers from around the world, accommodation, 3 healthy vegan meals each day, discount in our shop and an opportunity to give back to a community that makes a difference. 

Our season starts on October 21. 2019 and ends on May 31 2020

Opportunities available:

  • Front Desk and Reservations Assistant – The primary focus of this role is to assist guests with the planning and booking of their stay, mainly online but also via phone and in person. The reservation assistant must have impeccable customer service skills and be an excellent English communicator, detail-orientated, enjoy assisting others and able to sit in front of the computer for long periods. This position requires a 4-month commitment.
  • Administrative Assistant – This role will be a fast-paced and diverse role that will serve as a support to the Karma Yogi Coordinator and other management staff. The administrative assistant must be a native English speaker and have very strong writing and computer skills. This position requires a 2-month commitment.
  • Operations –  This position will involve general maintenance, supervising the Khmer staff whilst they clean the center and landscape the garden. This is a role for people who are responsible, energetic, caring and have good communication skills. This position requires a 2-month commitment.
  • Evening Operations – This position will be similar to the Operations role, however, it will also include being a support to guests in the evenings and ensuring that the facilities are in order (i.e. turning off lights, arranging spaces, prepping for following day). This position requires the ability to be flexible with tasks, handle any unexpected issues that arise, and being friendly and helpful with guests.
  • Guest Hosting – This role includes general maintenance of the restaurant area, cleaning, selling in our shop, helping with guest arrivals and departures and giving general support for the community. This position includes working in shifts. You must have impeccable customer service and communication skills, be detail-orientated and enjoy assisting others. This position requires a 2-month commitment.
  • Photographer– We are looking for a photographer who can capture the essence and amazing moments that happen around Vagabond Temple. We would be using these photos and short videos for social media and marketing purposes. The position will require being flexible with your schedule as it is crucial that you are present in the community and in class to take photos and videos. You must possess strong skills with photography, photo editing, short video making, an understanding of social media strategies, and the ability to work independently and as a team. This position requires a 2-month commitment.
  • Yoga Instructor – The primary focus of the role is to lead yoga and meditation classes for large groups, assist and correct students and to support the spiritual community at the center. We are looking for a Vinyasa yoga instructor with a minimum of 2 years of teaching experience and a strong self-practice. This person must have great English and communication skills, be energetic, supportive and able to motivate others. This position requires a 3-month commitment.
  • Treatment Therapist – We are looking for talented caring people who can offer a variety of massages e.g. Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Ayurvedic massage, reflexology, Tuina, shiatsu or acupuncture. This person must have a big heart, be incredibly supportive, value confidentiality and be able to create a safe environment for our guests. 2 years’ experience is required. The minimum position period is 2 months.

Joining our team is an intense and wonderful experience of self-growth, love, connection and serving others. Please apply only if you are able to make the full time commitment of the position you are interested in and have the necessary skills. Please note we do not recruit people on a short term basis. 

If you feel called to work with us, send us an email. Make sure to mention when you can arrive at Vagabond Temple and the position you are applying for.