The Power of Empowerment

London workshop with Kobi & Danny

  • 6-10th September 2018 (10am – 5pm)
  • Bavan Indian Culture Centre, London
  • Investment: £350
  • We still have some places available – tickets can be found here

Engaging in the process of self-development requires a very solid motivation and that is exactly what this intensive course will give you.

The key to motivation is to uncover our unique powers and abilities. Once we understand what they are, and how to use them, we will be able to live in a way that elevates ourselves and others. This course will teach you how to find all of your hidden strengths and also to empower others to find theirs.

This motivation and empowerment will be achieved with a variety of practices, drawing on ancient traditions and our considerable experience of helping people living in the modern world.

Some of the Topics:

• Movement meditation.
• Explore the true philosophy of marital art and the way that the masters of MA perceive power.
• Explore work with the naval chakra and Tantra practices associated with this chakra.
• The power of love and compassion and how to evoke that from within.
• Yoga to straighten the body and mind,
• Meditation and mindfulness to bring awareness and peace.
• We will practice applied philosophies such as Kabbalah, Hinduism and Buddhism to make the change sustainable.
Each day will have yoga practices, empowerment experiences, meditation and much more.

Benefits include…

• Learning relaxation techniques to rejuvenate ourselves.
• Discovering awareness practices that show us our power
• Understanding the deep meaning of Yoga for stringent mindfulness and being in touch with your core.
• Realising the true power of love

What to bring along:

• Yoga Mat
• Pen and Paper
• An Intention