pranic healing level I course

Imagine if you knew and understood the subtle laws of the universe, the subtle laws of energy, and the subtle laws of life itself. These mysterious laws have been the yearning of many great minds  searching for the truth about who we really are, what we are truly made of, and how we are connected with the greater Universe.

Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes Prana or Life Force to balance the bodily functions. Pranic Healing utilizes Life Force or Prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy, and to improve its health by accelerating the rate of self-healing and self-recovery of the human physical body. Pranic Healing is based on two fundamental laws:



The Law of self-recovery basically states that the human body has self-healing attributes. As an example, even though currently there is no medicine available for the treatment of viral infection, the body still self heals and recovers within a period of time.

The Law of life energy states that for life to exist, the body must have Prana, Chi or Life Energy. The healing process of the human body can be accelerated by increasing Life Energy on the affected parts and on the entire body.

Basic Pranic Healing is the foundation of all Pranic Healing workshops, and is the gateway to enter the magical world of Pranic Healing. In Basic Pranic Healing you will learn:

  • Your energetic anatomy, chakras, and their physical functions.
  • To diagnose the affected chakras and parts of the aura through scanning
  • To clear congested energy, and to energize areas within the aura that may be defected
  • To apply healing to yourself, and to others, using step-by-step protocols
  • To do distant healing in cases where the patient is not physically available
  • To maintain good health using simple complementary techniques
  • Energetic hygiene by cutting the energy link between you and the patient after each session to avoid unnecessary contamination
  • To improve a wide range of physical ailments, including headaches, heart ailments, gastrointestinal disorders and pain
  • The Meditation on Twin Hearts for peace and illumination

Dates: 24-25/6

Time: 10:00 – 18:00

Price: Vagabond Temple students: $150  Outside guests: $180