21 Day Practice Challenge

21 Day Practice Challenge


Course Starts 7th April 2020

Join us for 21 days of practices to balance your body, mind, and heart. In this course, we will guide you through different practices and teach you how to stay motivated, energised, and focused.

The practices will cover five key areas which we believe are fundamental to the spiritual path. There will be meditation to focus the mind, energy practices to build spiritual strength, compassion-based practices to open the heart, intellectual practices to keep you in a state of learning, and practices geared toward finding and fulfilling your purpose. By balancing these five aspects of life, you can stay empowered, no matter what is happening in the world.

There will be daily practices for you to do, and we will meet as a group twice a week for three weeks (Tuesday and Friday 12PM GMT)

This course is for people who can commit to a daily practice. Some of the practices will also be available on our VT Online platform (if you are not yet registered you can sign up and pay whatever you like).

This course is available for just $33 (USD) and will be limited to 15 people per group. If you miss any classes, they will be available on our website.

Classes will be on Tuesday and Friday at 12PM GMT, starting from the 7th April 2020.


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