Mens’ Vitality and Spirituality Program

10 Sessions Of Tailored Coaching

Mens’ Vitality and Spirituality Program




Vital Men: Tailored Online Coaching Program From Kobi


Over the years, Kobi has worked with many men as a counsellor, life-coach, spiritual guide and Yoga teacher. He found that many of them are experiencing issues with their vitality, relationships, self-confidence that all relate to blockages in the sexual energy, the vital force.

Many men are struggling with these issues, but feel alone and unable to talk about it. Kobi found that by bringing these things into the open and drawing on healing techniques from different traditions, he was able to help men regain their vitality, sexuality, and self-confidence plus develop more meaningful relationships with themselves and others.

Based on this work, Kobi has created a personal coaching program, using an interdisciplinary approach with aspects of Taoism, Tantra, Vajrayana as well as Western psychotherapeutic concepts.

If you sign you, you will get 10 one on one sessions with Kobi (60-75 minutes each). In the first session, you will set out your specific goals and obstacles then the program will be tailored from there. Each week you will be given vital “homework” which will involve e which will involve exercises from the traditions suited to your individual needs.

Kobi will help you to reflect on your issues and patterns. This will involve looking at your past, but the program will focus on your future – and present! It will give you the tools you need to heal, grow, and connect with your vital energy.

The program is tailored, flexible, and runs at your own pace. The type of issues it can help with are: Sexuality issues, Self Confidence, Vitality, and Relationships. The program requires a commitment to complete any exercises that Kobi gives you.

The cost is $699 for 10 sessions. The sessions can either be weekly or every other week depending on your pace.


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