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A Recipe for Beetroot with Potato Cream

A Recipe for Beetroot & Potato Cream Soup

Don’t just put beetroot in a salad – try seasoning with fresh thyme and topping over a deliciously creamy potato soup. Coconut cream adds a subtle sweetness, rounding out this unique dish. We give you the easy recipe right here! Ingredients: Serving: For 4-5 people  2 beet roots 2 potatoes 1/2 can coconut cream 2 garlic […]

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Black-Eyed Beans With Coconut Cream

When black-eyed beans dream, they hope to be mixed up with coconut cream. Cooked up with anti-inflammatory garlic, anti-ageing carrots, and carotenoid-rich bell peppers and tomatoes, this hearty dish is everything a health nut could desire from their comfort food. Ingredients For 4-5 People 4 cups black eyed bean 2 onions 4 garlic cloves 2 […]

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