Vagabond Temple Online

The Vagabond Temple Online brings spiritual evolution to your everyday life.

Includes teachings from a variety of traditions, spiritual practices and group learning in a supportive environment.

Would you like to feel calm, connected and in control? Would you like to develop the awareness and empowerment needed to bring positive change to your life?

The Vagabond Temple online brings our transformative teachings to your home. It also provides a safe and supportive environment where you can learn, grow, and connect with others.

Get a lifetime access to the community for just $179.


Get Lifetime Access to Vagabond Temple Online For $179!


Our Spiritual Journey

Many people come to the spiritual path because of a feeling that there is something more to life. It is true, there is something more (so much more!) but the modern world can make us forget this, as we can become overwhelmed with all the daily tasks and challenging situations that can destabilise our emotions. 

This is why we created the Vagabond Temple Online: to support people to stay connected to their inner wisdom and strength.

This is achieved by having the opportunity to practice and grow together.  Being part of this community will give you access to at least 4 videos a week, including:

  • Dharma Talks
  • Guided Meditations
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Self-reflection and group exercises

Being part of this community will also give you access to:

  • Support from Kobi and Pazit
  • The opportunity for discussion and exploration in a safe environment
  • A network of like minded-people to support you on your journey

The Foundations of Our Community

The Vagabond Temple Online is based on the simple concept, “Teacher, Practice, Community”.

Teacher: Since opening the Vagabond Temple in 2011, Kobi and Pazit have dedicated their lives to serving others: helping people to heal, grow and ultimately be the best versions of themselves.

Now they are reaching out to even more people, sharing their knowledge through the Vagabond Temple Online.

Members will receive the full, beautiful variety of Kobi and Pazit’s knowledge, with a focus on how it can be applied to our daily lives.

Practice: A regular practice keeps us safe, whatever comes up we can always return to our practice. It also helps us go beyond the intellectual understanding of spiritual ideas and into the direct personal experience.

Ultimately it allows us to connect with our soul and nourishing the space in between the thoughts. Having these experiences leads to a more balanced and healthy life.

For this reason, members of the Vagabond Temple Online will receive guided meditations and Yoga sessions – all of which are suitable for you to do at home.

Community: To practice alone is difficult, sometimes practically impossible. Having the support of like-minded people not only motivates you, but helps you to really understand the teachings.

By providing a safe and open space to discuss your experience with others, the Vagabond Temple Online will make it possible for you to fully integrate the teachings into your life. Let’s practice together!



The Benefits

Being a part of this community will allow you to integrate spiritual teachings in to your daily life. This will help you:

  • Live with more awareness.
  • Better navigate the daily world, taking the decisions and making the actions which bring positive change to your life.
  • Manage your emotions and have the reliance to deal with the difficult life situations.
  • Improve your personal relationships.
  • Live a more peaceful and balanced life.
  • Form meaningful connections with like-minded individuals

We have seen our retreat participants really flourish: building better relationships, finding their purpose in life, and generally becoming healthier and happier human beings.  

It has been so beautiful to see people grow, form beautiful friendships and support each-other on the path.

Now we want to extend this possibility of transformation to as many people as possible across the world by building an online community.

Get a lifetime access for just $179 .


Get Lifetime Access to Vagabond Temple Online For $179!


Vagabond Temple Online Features

  • You will get access to our private Facebook group.
  • At least 4 videos per week. There will be talks, guided meditation, Yoga as well as reflection and contemplation exercises.
  • You will have opportunity to share your experiences with the group, so we can work together to integrate the teachings with our individual life situations.
  • Kobi and Pazit will be on-hand to answer any questions that come up

The Vagabond Temple Community will provide a safe space to express yourself in a supportive, non-judgemental environment.  

Warning: you may be encouraged to leave your comfort zone!


Get Lifetime Access to Vagabond Temple Online For $179!



Here is what people have said about our retreat centre. We aim to bring the same spirit of community to our new online group.


“Everything in this place pushes you closer to yourself. It becomes very easy to dive in and see, feel and experience the truth of life and the true self. This absolutely profound community is always there to support you – whether you want to be alone or share your heart. It’s not that you search something – you find it! And you keep it, the light and the love that you discovered.”

- Anna, France

“Kobi and Pazit are clearly passionate about supporting people in their spiritual journey. They have created a safe, caring, creative and nurturing space where people can take step back to reflect, contemplate and turn inward to find their truth.”

- Soraya, UK

“The people you meet here are all inspiring in their own way and there is something healing about being in a community that I think we forget when we’re out in the wider, digitally-connected world. Vagabond creates an environment where you can strip back all the unnecessary noise and figure out what’s really important to you.”

- Sophie, Germany



Get Lifetime Access to Vagabond Temple Online For $179!


Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am not experienced with meditation and Yoga; will I be able to benefit from this community?
2) I am an advanced practitioner / teacher, will I still learn something from this group?
3) What do members get?
4) What are the dharma talks about?
5) What types of Yoga are included?
6) What style of meditation is included?
7) I am very busy at the moment and do not have much time to practice, is it worth me joining?
8) People already spend too much time on Facebook, is this not making it worse?
9) Will I have to share sensitive personal stories with strangers?
10) How much does it cost?
11) What does “Lifetime” access mean?

Get Lifetime Access to Vagabond Temple Online For $179!