What is Dhyana?

What is Dhyana?

Vagabond Temple Meditation And Yoga Retreat Bids You A

Warm Welcome

Vagabond Temple Yoga and Meditation Centre invites you into our spiritual home for a unique experience of healthy living, personal transformation and peace. Due the current global situation, we are shifting our efforts to online teaching, with videos, courses, online counselling and more.

Experience yoga, meditation and healing in from the comfort of your home.

Vagabond Temple Yoga, Meditation and Healing Center offers a variety of programs and training in Cambodia, India, Europe and online.

We invite you to come together and meet each other online. We have created many opportunities to meet, practice, heal, learn and grow.

Community Time

Let’s Meet! Every Saturday Live online. We invite you to connect with the Vagabond Temple community wherever you are in the world. This will be the time for us to meet online, share our experiences, ask questions and get support.

Saturday through zoom at (1 pm GMT). For more details click here.

Text Study

Text Study- 6 meetings over the next 3 weeks dedicated to diving into the texts of the 37 practices of the Bhuddhisatva. The texts focus on practices that involve refining and purifying our motivations and attitudes towards ourselves, our environment, and life in general. This powerful practice helps us to let go of attachments, establish witness consciousness, and to cultivate the heart wisdom. Each class will also contain a short practice.

Course dates: Starting March 30, Monday and Wednesday, at through zoom at (12 pm GMT). You can join any of the meetings for free! For more details click here.

Self-Healing with Reiki Course

6 meetings starting April 7, of self-healing techniques including Reiki healing, breathing, meditation and more. Get your Reiki 1 certificate for self-healing (A continuing courses for healing others and Reiki level 2 will be available shortly). The course is available for an affordable price of USD 33.

Course dates: Starting April 7, Tuesday and Thursday through zoom at (9 am GMT). All the details here.

VT Online Membership

We have made the subscription to the Vagabond Temple Online available at whatever price you can afford to pay. You will get a year’s access to all of our Yoga, meditation, dharma talks, breathing exercises and other spiritual videos. Please sign up here, and pay whatever you like.

Our teaching incorporates a wide array of yoga and meditation styles, as well as teachings from multiple eastern and western disciplines. You will be given an understanding of not only how to do these spiritual practices, but why we do them and how these teachings can change the way we look at and live our lives.

Expand your spiritual journey

Vagabond Temple Yoga, Meditation and Healing Center is open to everyone. Whether you’re a beginner hoping to kickstart your spiritual journey or an experienced yogi looking to take your practice deeper, our classes can suit your needs.

Love and light,

Pazit & Kobi, founders of Vagabond Temple

Text Study Group

Join us online to explore some of the most influential spiritual texts of all time. Free online sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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Community Time Online

Join our online community, free every Saturday. We invite you to join us online to learn, connect, and get support.

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21 Day Practice Challenge

This course is designed to enhance your spiritual practice. 21 days of powerful practices to keep you balanced, motivated, and positive.

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Learn More

If you enjoy our articles and want to learn more, then you may be interested in joining the Vagabond Temple Online. You can receive our beautiful teachings wherever you are in the world and practice with a supportive community of like-minded people


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